Personal Care Ingredients

  • Peppermint Oil
Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

  • Purity:99%
  • L-menthol content:28.0%~ 40.0%
  • Color and appearance:Colorless or slightly yellow clear liquid
  • Type: Pure Essential Oil
  • Product description:


Other name : Mentha arvensis oil(Mint oil;Cornmint oil)
This product is colorless or light yellow clear liquid. Have a special cool and refreshing aroma, flavor after initial sheen, cool. For long, deep color gradient.

1, for the wind hot cold, warm disease early. This product with divergent, cool to clear heat, clear light cold, commonly used for evacuation wind hot product, it can be used for wind hot cold or warm disease early, evil who points, micro bad cold, headache, fever, often with honeysuckle, fructus forsythiae, fructus arctii, herba schizonepetae equivalent to use, such as fructus forsythiae. mint mint

2, used to have a headache, red eyes, sore throats. This product blown up floating, aromatic:, work good evacuation on coke thermal wind, clear head and throat. Used for attack on heat, headache, red eyes, with mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, fructus viticis more equal; With wind hot indicates sheng, sore throats, platycodon root, licorice, batryticated silkworm, herba schizonepetae, windproof equivalent.

3, used for measles, rubella itching. This quality light xuan, the evacuation wind hot, xuan poison through rash, with wind heat cure table, measles, often with a cicada, herba schizonepetae, fructus arctii, radix arnebiae seu lithospermi, etc., such as through rash soup; Treatment of rubella itch, but with bitter ginseng, cortex dictamni, windproof equivalent to use, take the functions of rash anti-pruritic effect.
4, used for liver depression and qi stagnation, chest stuffy pain. And into the liver meridian, the product can liver resolve depression, often with radix bupleuri, radix paeoniae alba, angelica and liver qi, regulate the menstrual function of the product in the treatment of liver depression and qi stagnation, chest pain, menoxenia, such as free and unfettered.

Product Name
Peppermint Oil 50%
180KG Net Iron Drum
Color and appearance
Colorless or slightly yellow clear liquid
Have the characteristic odor of menthe arvensis mint oil
Relative density(20℃)
0.890~ 0.908
Refractive index(20℃)
1.4570~ 1.4650
Optical rotation (20℃)
-32°~ -18°
Solubility(20℃ 70% ethanol )
1:4 (v/v)
Ester content( Menthylacetate %)
3.0%~ 9.0%
Residual solvents
L-menthol content
28.0%~ 40.0%
Total menthol content
Quality Criterion BP/USP


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