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  • Face Mask
Face Mask

Face Mask

  • Surgical
  • Disposable
  • Color: White
  • Executive standard:GB/T 32610 -2016
  • Product description:

Earloop Surgical Face Mask Medical Face Mask

The disposable face mask is soft, comfortable and airless, with three layers of protective filter. It adopts the aluminum strip wrapped design, multi-layer thickening and binding design, which is qualitative and firm, while preventing scratches on the face. The earband of the medical face mask is
elastic, soft and comfortable.
Material 3 Ply non wovem
Color As Pic
Certificate: CE/FDA
Executive standard GB/T 32610 -2016
Type Earloop


1.The nose clip can be adjusted comfortably according to different face types, the earlobe is firm and not easy to fall off;

2. Non-irritating and soft, avoiding bacteria,dust,foreign body into pneogaster;

3. Remove harmful gas, peculiar smell and odor;

4. CE/FDA;

5. Environmental friendly, economic, soft, light, comfortable and tasteless;

6. Ventilation, allowing air to circulate.


1.Filter dust, pollen and bacteria in hospitals, clinics, housework, gardening and maintenance;

2.In laboratories and factories, it is used to block liquid mist, harmful air borne chemicals and particles;

3.It is used to prevent bird droppings, dust, etc;

4. It is the best choice for disposable products in public and medical fields. Factory, environmental cleaning, electronic factory, food hygiene major,

food processing, school, hospital, etc.

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