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Protective goggle

Protective goggle

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  • Product description:
Product Specifications:
Product Name:Goggle
Specifications:Adjustable Type
Compliant with standards:EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018
Feature: The lens surface should be smooth, free of scratches, glass ripples, bubbles, impurities or other obvious defects that may damage vision
Material Composition: PC lens material\PVC vinyl lens body, adjustable glasses belt. Scope of Application: This product can be used for protection by medical institutions during inspection and treatment, blocking body fluids or blood splashes.
1. Make sure the packaging is intact before use.
2. This product is intended for personal use. Cross-use is prohibited.
3. If the user shows allergic reaction, stop wearing immediately.
4. To clean lenses, rinse with water. Dry first with a paper towel and then with eyeglass cloth.
5. This product should be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department after use. Do not discard randomly.  
Instructions for Use:
1. Take the safety glasses out of the box and put them on the cheeks in a parallel upward direction.
2. Place them back in the box after each use to avoid lens scratches.
Product Maintenance and Storage:Product Maintenance: The product does not require special maintenance or care.
Storage: Store in a room with good ventilation. Stay away from direct sunlight and corrosive gas. Keep away from fire and pollution.


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