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Medical Isolation Mask

Medical Isolation Mask

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  • Product description: Medical Isolation Full Face Protection Shield Sponge Mask

Product Description

Certificate: CE


Main material:PET


Package:1 pc / bag, 100 bags / carton, total of 100 pcs

Packing Size:440×330×310mm,

General Description: This product consists of a protective cover made of polymer material, a foam strip and a fixing device. Non-sterile, single-use.

Indications for Use:It is intended for protecting and preventing splash of body fluid and blood during medical inspection and treatment.

Contraindications:Prohibited for patients with allergies for the product.


1.Please read the instructions carefully before use;

2.This product has fewer allergic reactions. Once an allergic reaction occurs, this product should be discontinued;

3.This product cannot protect from impact and flames.

How to use the MIM-F Mask:

1. Take out the product and pull the elastic band to the size of the head circumference;

2. The side with the sponge strip touches the forehead and puts the mask on;

3. Adjust the mask to fit the head and face.

Storage:It is stored in a dry place at room temperature

Shelf Life:3 years

【Batch Number】【Production Date】【Expiration Date】on the package。


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